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Podcast Editors for Online Business and Wellness Shows

What we do

You will get your message out there professionally and on time with me as your podcast editor. No matter how frequently you create your episodes, we’ve got you covered so you can keep your audience interested and engaged, and continue growing their loyalty with your content.

Once you’ve recorded your episode you can take back your time and do what you do best, confidently knowing that your upcoming episode will be delivered in time for publication.

You will find something that works for you in my packages below.


Classic - $350*

2 Episodes

Edit & Improve Audio

Arrange Episode Layout (Ads, Intros, etc.)

Produce MP3 File for Publication

Professional - $500*

4 Episodes
All Classic Package Inclusions

Growth - $750*

6 Episodes

All Classic Package Inclusions

*Because each Podcast and host Is unique, you will get a tailor-made service to suit your style, spacing, and schedule. So, the prices above are a guideline for these services.

Our Clients

realize the potential of more time in your day

Once you’ve stopped recording, you won’t need to think about it again.

Increase your time

Find better use for the time you previously had marked as
“Edit Podcast”

your sound

Have your podcast sound the way you want it to sound

on your team

Grow and strengthen your online team

mister tom

I'm Tom,

I am passionate about audio editing and production, I even studied it! After that, I moved to London, UK, and fell inside a series of hospitality and travel jobs that I also loved.

After leaving my 9-5 to be home full-time with our twin girls while my wife built her online business, I was suddenly able to explore career options online.

Once my wife mentioned she'd been wanting to launch a podcast but kept putting it off because of the editing process, I naturally volunteered - and instantly fell back in love. Everything I loved about audio engineering at school came flowing back.

Once our twins started school full-time, I decided to turn your passion and experience of audio engineering into a business - Simply Podcast Editing.

And now, I'm thrilled to offer my services to podcasters with a BIG message to share with the world.

I look forward to helping you share your message.

Simply Podcast Editing
Podcast Editors for Online Business and Wellness Shows


I'd been wanting to launch a podcast for a long time. I was so excited to come up with the content ideas, get guests on the show, and pour my heart and soul into every episode. The idea of having to edit was what kept me stuck and not launching my podcast for so long. Working with Simply Podcast Editing means that all I have to do is show up and record and my job is done. If you've been wanting to launch a podcast or if you feel like the editing is such a heavy part of the experience, don't waste any more time and connect with Simply Podcast Editing right away!

-- Justine Haveland - Host - The Wela Podcast

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